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image source lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender peoples are often subject to unwarranted harassment and exclusion, if not in official government laws, then by societal norms and mores. while many countries are moving toward legislating equality on the basis of sexual orientation, many governments still make it a point to state their disapproval by routinely scrutinizing or blocking the extension of some rights and privileges to such people. through diligent and committed activism on the part of many grassroots gay and lesbian organizations, significant progress is being made in their quest for equal rights and treatment. recent debate surrounding the right of gay and lesbian couples to marry has sparked a contentious, often bitter, dialogue prompting many countries to seriously ponder drafting legislation legalizing such rights. still other countries have legislated equal benefits (previously reserved for heterosexual couples) for same sex couples, including the right to adopt children or inherit property. despite progress in some liberal-secular societies, however, major hurdles remain in the way of gay, lesbian, and transgender rights in most countries. it is difficult for governments to advocate on behalf of their citizens living or traveling in other countries, especially when domestic laws are in contradiction with local sentiments.

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