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ok after reading all these posts i`ve come to realize the only person who knows what they`re talking about is dragonchild. personally i`m against abortion, since that`s what dragonchild was leading to, but they do have some very good points. while teen pregnacy is a tragic thing, it`s not always a bad thing. getting pregnet can shock a wild child into taking responsiblity for their life. also teenage girls don`t get pregnet just to get love from their families. if anything their family could very well kick them out of the house for getting pregnet, either that or loving the baby while ostracizing the mother. all of this "teen pregnacy is wrong" isn`t going to solve the problem, all it`s going to do is make people so stupid by repeating everything the person before them sad. it`s redundent. so instead of being closed-minded, why don`t we try to offer soltions to the proposed problem? the way teen pregnecy happens is by teens having unprotected sex...not because a girl just up and decides one day "hey i`m going to have a baby!" i`m not condoning teen pregnecy, but just saying how it`s wrong isn`t gunna help anything.